CSL Engineering


CSL Engineering provides risk surveying and loss control services specifically aimed at the ‘Engineering Construction Insurance’ industry. As an independent service provider we are able to offer fair and unbiased assessment and opinion of risk through both field survey and home office review.

Services offered range from desktop review through single stand-alone construction site survey to full construction project risk control services and can be tailored to suit each risk or insurer’s requirements.

Our Services

CSL Engineering is being led by Simon Marshall, a Chartered Mechanical Engineer with 10 years of experience in the power engineering and construction industry and over 20 years experience in commercial insurance gained as an Engineering Surveyor and Engineering Construction Underwriter.

With the combination of construction and insurance industry experience we are able to offer measured advice from a well-founded position in a non prescriptive manner. Working in conjunction with both the insured and insurer we can help to minimise risk of loss using methods that are agreeable to all parties.

cooling-tower-under-constructionThrough full project risk control we are able to offer not only field based assessment of risk, but by regular review of progress reports, can also keep underwriters informed of activities of interest as they occur through the life of the project.

The CSL Engineering services can also be bundled to meet the specific needs of each project by combining them with others provided within the CSL Group such as Project Cargo Risk Management and Marine Warranty surveys.

CSL Group

As part of CSL group, CSL Engineering has access to complementary skills and services from an established and trusted provider of marine surveying and engineering services to the international marine insurance and allied industries. Full details of the CSL Group can be found at www.cslglobal.com.

For further details or to discuss appointment of CSL Engineering, please contact Simon Marshall using the details outlined below.

For further information please contact;

Simon Marshall – CSL Engineering
Tel: +44 (0)3300 109 325
Mobile: +44 (0) 7701 387407

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