Risk Control

At CSL we understand the nature of risk in business and how it can be reduced or eradicated through carefully planned risk management programmes. We provide this service for multinational companies, distributors, carriers and insurers. It is a worldwide service, combining local knowledge and cultural awareness with unequalled operational and technical global experience. We provide a range of predefined and tailored solutions;

  • Location reviews (suitability to store cargo, security, fire protection etc.)
  • Whole supply chain risk reviews (routes, transit method, touch points, security, people)
  • Transportation process and procedure (build, develop and manage standard operation and security procedures)
  • C-TPAT compliant reviews and consultancy services (practical reviews and assisting clients, build entire C-TPAT programmes)
  • Security reviews (cargo & location security, cash in transit and other high value commodities)

CSL risk managers work on the principles of pro-active identification of risk, pre-emptive or preventative action and, should the worst happen, a structured and practical programme for recovery from a crisis situation with the minimum of detrimental effect to business, staff and company assets.

All of the services we provide are tailored to the specific needs and unique characteristics of our client’s business; we operate globally with a combination of local and internationally available resources to provide a unique managed solution.

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