Security means many things to many people, for CSL it is the security associated with the cargo supply chain. This can be the security at a storage location, manufacturing facility, of vehicles, containers, information and people.images_type-13

Methods of securing cargo and other physical assets can vary from simple vigilance on the part of employees through to highly complex, integrated security systems at locations, on vehicles or within the cargo itself.

Alongside the security of physical assets are the process and procedures associated with the supply chain and the extent to which security is naturally integrated with the physical systems. The most expensive, sophisticated system can be quickly compromised through carelessness or the lack of clear, understandable and appropriate procedures.

CSL can draw from proven industry experience both in risk control and claims handling including some of the largest thefts and frauds presented to the insurance market. With a number of Fortune 500 companies as clients we handle and manage complex security issue for high value, targeted goods, pharmaceuticals, cash, bonds and securities and precious metals.

CSL provide a range of services from simple location assessments through to full international supply chain reviews. Contact us now to discuss how we can be of assistance.


As one of the founding members of the International Cargo Security Council – Europe, CSL are committed to helping reduce cargo crime and share best practice. With a seat on the board of the Council, CSL are supporting a number of national and international initiatives to help prevent cargo crime.